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-Completed the second Captive Prince which I liked much better than the first, but I respect that sometimes you  need to take an entire novel to set up the sexual tension before you break it, because...well, I do that too. (finished)
-The Stoneware Monkey, which is absolutely ridiculous and seems more to be like 'let's mosey about tampering with the crime scene' but I suppose it's a quaint english mystery for all that. I began reading it in Winslow and brought it home with me, I've been chugging slowly away at it mostly in the bath tub. (about half thru)
-I picked up one of Michael Connelly's non-Bosch stories, but I grabbed one from the middle and I think I'm going to go back and read The Poet before I finish the last Jack McEvoy novel. 
-Canticle for Liebowitz, which I'm going to give a try. 

Finally updated It's in my Blood to Bleed!

Roque Guinart - Person of Interest, La Mancha 'verse Donnelly/Szymanski fix it fic centered around Proteus and All In, and still trying to keep these guys alive past the end of season 2.

Cold Was The Ground - Final(!) pass edits progressing apace, which puts me on track to have it fully edited for self-pub by my birthday. I want this very badly!! I just have two chapters left to clean up. 
I was going to do that for Camp Nano, but I am definitely in that final push of 'get it done' feeling so I may work on the sequel for Camp Nano instead. My goals this year are
  • CWG finished final draft ready by may 28th.
  • FULL, complete draft of the sequel MI by November. I have about 30,000 words of it currently, I just need to slap myself until an ending emerges and then I can begin to tame a proper story out of the fucker.
So maybe with that in mind I'll do MI for camp nano instead. and/or use it to clean up and finish the fanfic stuff I've been working on. 

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 People who survived final fantasy 7 according to extended canon:
  • Rufus Shinra
  • Tseng
  • Don Corneo
  • Hojo
People who survived getting stabbed by Sephiroth:
  • Tifa
  • Cloud
  • Tseng
People who probably actually died?
  • Heidigger
  • Scarlet
  • I don't know, Palmer got hit by a truck and then came back and vanished, I like to think a plate fell on his face.
  • President Shinra Sr
  • Aerith
So like the only two people who actually died from getting stabbed by Sephiroth, my question is like is Aerith literally made out of tissue paper? I know lots of folks have said 'of course you'd die from a giant sword getting stabbed through you' but contextually that doesn't seem to be the case, given the survival rate is greater than half out of those stabbed. (3/5 stabbed survived). I mean clearly I'm thinking too much but the postgame canon seems to heavily imply that the mortality rate of 7 wasn't nearly as high as originally thought. 

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 Day 1 - "Telepathy".
Fandom: Person of Interest.
Pairing/Rating: John/Harold -G
[Wireless Connection @ AO3]

Day 2 - "Blank Book"
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human
Pairing/Rating: Hank & Connor - G
[Family Recipe @AO3]

Day 3 - "Vampire AU"
Fandom: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Pairing/Rating: Rey/Rose - G
[Trope Chic @AO3]

Day 4 - "Blind Date"
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Pairing/Rating: Tseng/Rufus - M
[Guide Dog@AO3]

Day 5 - "Handcuffs"
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing/Rating: Bruce/Tony/Pepper - NYR
[Fic in Progress]

Day 6 - "Nonverbal Communication:
Fandom: Man from UNCLE (2015)
Pairing/Rating: Napoleon/Illya - M
[The Golden Silence Affair@AO3]

Day 7 - "Vanilla"
Fandom: The X-Files
Pairing/Rating: Mulder/Scully - G

Day 8 - "Crossover"
Fandom: Final Fantasy 15 (Star Wars X-over)
Pairing/Rating: Gladio/Ignis - G
[Memory of Light@AO3]

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  • February Ficlet Challenge only I got caught up in an old fandom on day 4 and now I'm in 'trying to write for other fandoms while re-reading all the pieces that were so important to me in this fandom, oh yes and there's new canon material as of last month as well ' hell.
  • Assembling (with intent to paint) Reikenor the Grimhailer as well as some banshees for my Nighthaunt fixation.
  • Working on Blood to Bleed god damnit

  • Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
  • Automatic Detective
  • Zeroes by Chuck Wendig
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 (watching it being played)
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 I'm consoling myself after Arm Day with the thought that maybe someday if I'm not a dumpy wreck I won't die alone.

In all seriousness gonna get those henry cavill arms. 
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 So currently I am hardcore KonMarie method-ing most of my house. It took a little while to get into the 'get rid of it' zone but I'm feeling it now. I've done clothes, books, etc. My closet is organized, I donated an entire large trash bag full of t-shirts and kept only the ones I feel excited and happy to wear (as most of what I wear is T-Shirts, fuck you ex) I'm already enthusiastic about there being no possible way for me to build up an 'all day laundry-athon' anymore.

Speaking of my ex, that's where I'm like struggling is you know, still discovering things I no longer have that I was pretty sure I once did, and digging through pictures of us together from ... eons ago. Physical pictures. I've decided I'm starting to really fucking hate physical pictures with a wild passion. Digital photos are fine, easy to put up, just as easy to delete once that phase of your life is over. Physical photos crawl out of the depths of your belongings from 10+ years ago, oozing back into your life and then you must sit down and manually sort them back out. I found two old albums full of photos from the late 90's, early oughts, cosplay shit, all the shit, and when I look at them it's no wonder my self esteem was terrible (still is about a lot of things; esp. my body which must always be completely covered by at least three layers, never shorts, and only just recently have I been able to wear tank tops (but ONLY with 2 further undershirt layers). I look at the old pictures of my ex flirting with legitimately everyone, and I know I was the one taking the pictures. I was a stupid teenager at the time, but she was always shopping for the next thing. Of course I constantly felt like shit. When the next person didn't manifest, she just dropped herself into WOW and refused to emerge until I might as well have not existed. 

It was a time. And now the beginning of that time might as well have come back and slapped me in the face. I keep one picture up on my wall of me & her to remind me not to forget what kind of lovely face it can be that hurt me, and what I looked like when I was being hurt. The rest I was extremely unprepared for.

There are some pictures in there of my cats (at the time) that I want to keep, and some family photos that worked their way in as well. Else I'd have dumped the whole lot into the trash unsorted. 

Next; Living Room, Kitchen and Garage. I want to find a new solution for my Dungeons & Dragons stuff in the living room. Right now it's all together & near the place where we play but it looks like garbage and I don't care for how it's currently displayed. I may co-opt the rack that currently has a bunch of extra kitchen appliances (the stuff that doesn't get used as often; rice maker, Ice Cream Maker, etc) and find a way to make that work. The cook books will have to move as well, but I think once I dig into the cabinets in the kitchen I'll find a bunch of shit that can go directly into the garbage. 

Like that old box of Bpal samples that I have from 10 years ago. I know it's there somewhere....

Signing off
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Fic: Dulcinea
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: E
Summary: A 'nobody dies' fix-it fic.  Donnelly/Szymanski.

Author's Note: And now it's done! Except for the fact they immediately killed Szymanski again after implying he was crooked gdi.  And now this section of their tumultuous life has been repaired. 
cog_nomen: Nicholas Donnelly from Person of Interest looks somewhat perturbed by life. (Donnelly)

Fic: Dulcinea
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: T (but it will proceed to E in the final chapter)
Summary: A 'nobody dies' fix-it fic.  Donnelly/Szymanski.

Link to Dulcinea on AO3.

Author's Note: Uhhh what the fuck, I've been sitting on this fic practically finished this whole time. I'm polishing up the last bits now, and it should solidly round itself out at either 4 or 5 chapters depending on how long re-writes make things. I apologize if there's any jarring change from how I wrote 5 years ago to how I write now. 

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Working on Zenithal priming to try and increase my mad year one painting skills. I'm also approximately 3 years old so I've named these three "Bone Daddy", "Behold the Dickholder" and "DOES THIS SMELL FUNNY TO YOU?"

Miniature painting 12/18 First attempts at Zenithal priming

I finished these guys recently and I'm ridiculously proud of them, and I think the challenge of the difficult models taught me a lot! They're GW's Night Haunt units, but don't ask me anything else about Warhammer because I just wanna paint the dudes I like looking at.

Night Haunt
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In list format because I think that was a thing that used to be cool.
-Fandom interests are varied and I tend to hyperfocus in a rotational manner. Right now I've just finished Detroit: Become Human, I'm playing The Witcher 3 (I never played one or two, oops?) and also playing Uncharted when I feel like punishing myself. TV shows are all over the place, I try to keep up with what was new like 5 years ago. I enjoy Critical Role and The Adventure Zone.

-Hobbies: Writing, and I've gotten into Miniature Painting this year. I also DM for Dungeons & Dragons, which was my gateway drug to miniature painting. I'm also a fountain pen enthusiast I guess? I write most first drafts by hand in pen, anyway. I used to do a lot of text roleplay, but my time for that has been limited.

-Life: I caretake for my elderly grandparent, I work part time in a vendor type job, I keep reptiles & breed Crested Geckos. If for any reason you're afraid of pictures of snakes (I promise never to post images of them eating, but sometimes I like to put up pictures of them hanging around doing regular snake stuff) just let me know and I'll make a concerted effort to keep them behind a cut. Usually I'll post gecko, frog, and lizard pictures without a cut, because they're just so stinkin' cute. I also have four cats. Yes, this was a mistake, no it was not on purpose, life just handed them to me. (I love them though.)
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However many years later and I'm still not sure where Cid pulled that machine gun out of.
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So I'm gonna hang here a while. Hello, Party people and all that jazz. I've already moved most of my daily reading over here to my extremely slow moving 'reading' list but to be honest I'm nostalgic. Getting to change my icon as I post? Having an actual text box to look at? I have some fond memories, and I hope to make some new ones. And a warm welcome to everyone who followed me here from hellsite dot com.
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Abandon Pile, 2013.
Every so often I have to go through my WIPS and terminate the ones that I haven't had ideas for in some time, or that just aren't working out the way I want to. So here's the deal, these guys are abandoned, but if others want to take parts from them, or take them wholesale and complete them in your own way, they're free for the picking. You don't even have to credit me. It'd be cool if you dropped me a link to let me see the finished work, but not required.

Title: ​ POI-Hornets
Fandom: Person of Interest/Marble Hornets crossover. Inspired by livenudebigfoot's short work of the same flavor.
Pairing: None, really, but Vaguely Elias/Scarface, Reese/Finch
Rating: T?
Word Count: 1,001
Status: Abandoned
Summary: "This is Harold Finch," he said, distractedly. As if he was leaving a message for a loved one, as if the sound of his voice wasn't quite enough. As if he didn't realize he was giving them far more information than they already had. Then a sound had overtaken the voice, a howling of distortion that sank the heart but spared the ears just enough that you didn't have to pull the phone away. You could go right on listening to it while it groaned and churned electronically-

Read more... )

Title: ​ Crying Havok
Fandom: Person of Interest, Werewolf AU
Pairing: None really.
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,645
Status: Abandoned
Summary: Finch balks as they enter the library, smelling the stranger and John had expected as much, had expected to see the rising anger reflected in the bristling, raising hairs on the back of the man's neck, but before he can get too angry, Bear is already greeting them - granted, with a half-eaten book in his mouth, but politely enough.
Read more... )

Title: ​ Skyfall stuff
Fandom: James Bond Skyfall parts, bondcentric.
Pairing: None
Rating: T
Word Count: 350
Status: Abandoned
Summary: For James, his body has always been as important a weapon as his gun.
Read more... )

Title: ​ Untitled Fischer-centric piece.
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Intended Fischer/Cobb
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,904
Status: Abandoned
Summary: All he has is the memory of a dream where he trusted someone more than he did himself.

Read more... )
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Title: D equals NxP2
Fandom: Avengers (movieverse)
Pairing: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner
Rated: Teen, for language.
Word Count: 6,835
Status: Complete
Notes: Sequel to How Many Scientists Does it Take to Screw in Stark Tower?
If there's one thing that hot irons or wild horses or whatever couldn't drag out of him, it's that Tony Stark actually sort of enjoys golf. It's something that keeps him active and half occupied so he can multi-task while he does it. He's had some of his best ideas - admittedly a good portion of them golf related - on the golf course. There's not enough technology of course, and he could think of at least four hundred and fifty six ways the game could be better if it wasn't so old fashioned. Even if Tony won't admit it out loud, he believes it's good to unplug sometimes. Even for a couple hours. It was quiet, usually solitary, and normal enough behavior for someone as wealthy as he was, so no one really paid attention.

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Title: 1-900-Ass-Grind
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Donnelly/Surprise
Rating: PG-13 at best
Word Count: 1,900
Status: Complete
Summary: An AU where Donnelly is a 'beleaguered phonesex operator', for[ profile] livenudebigfoot
"900-ass-grind, do you have a preference on receiver or shall I assign you by kink?" )
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Okay I have about a billion shortforms that I've done too, but I'm going to go ahead and hold those for a rainy day.  Two new fics, and an update, but first:

PODFIC OF SCIENTISTS. I cannot contain my high-pitched noises of appreciation. Seriously I want to crawl under my desk with my headphones on and just make pleased noises. 

Seriously if you enjoyed 'How many Scientists Does it Take to Screw in Stark Tower', go ahead over to Liannabob's entry and revisit with it. She reads it fantastically, and I know I got a little knee-wibbly in various parts throughout. I won't spoil it, but if you haven't read it, and you like Avengers, especially of the Bruce/Tony or Pepper/Bruce/Tony variety, go on and check it out. And let her know how awesome she is because seriously it's hard work making podfics! 

Onto what I have accomplished: 

Title:  I <3 New York
Fandom: erson of Interest
Pairing: en, Reese-centric
Rating T for swearing
Word Count: ,148
Status: omplete
Summary eese rides the subway with his eyes cast downward, toward the ground, rocking and swaying automatically with every tricky lurch and bump. He knows every one by now, like old friends. He knows the subway because it's the only friend he has, it's always moving, always rushing in the underground like the arterial blood of the city only it's somehow more vital than that.

(Here @ AO3)

Title:  This Weary Ritual
Fandom: nception
Pairing: avid Serkey/Constantine Fitzweiss
Rating T for swearing
Word Count: ,149
Status: omplete
Author's Note Set in the Four of Clubs universe, though it's a short aside
Summary:So Constantine thought that he couldn't hate this week any more. Thanksgiving had been a slog, it always was. He had eaten his Ma's food - which was good at least, far and away better than TV dinners - and he had listened to his Ma's prattle. She knew - she always did - that the women she asked about were years in the past now. She seemed utterly unable to accept that at thirty five years old it was possible that Constantine could look after his own romantic life without advice.

(Here @ AO3.)

And lastly an update to Sine Labore Nihil:

Title: Sine Labore Nihil, Chapter 8
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing Jack (Scarface/ Anthony Marconi) /Reese
Rating: C-17
Word Count: , 301 (chapter) / 14,136 (total)
Status: In Progress
Summary: The information flows more slowly and gets more indecipherable as it becomes harder to find save channels. Jack gets more and more frustrated with this game of penitentiary telephone, forced to take his own initiative more and more often. He wonders if it was ever any easier to get information to and from maximum security prison. Not for someone like Elias. They don't give his boss a television in his cell, even. Jack knows this because he ran an ad on the local public television channel for two weeks in code so simple a child could figure it out, his own decision, and not even a rebuke had come his way. He's flying solo, operating under a bond of trust only.

(HERE @ AO3)
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Title: Parse
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Finch/Reese/Machine
Rating: NC-17, just porn here.
Word Count: 887
Status: Complete
Author’s Note: I don’t even know. I was gonna prompt someone with it but then I just wrote it. Whatever. Whatever. I do what I want.
Summary: John isn’t sure what he’s watching at first, when his laptop seizes up and refuses to respond to his keystrokes and instead begins streaming a video feed that he can’t cancel or mute.

John isn't sure what he's watching at first, )
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For those of you who don't follow me on Tumblr, which is probably good because I have a majorly ADD tumblr attitude and pretty much just spend my time reblogging Callum Keith Rennie, Bryan Batt, Paul Michael Glaser, et al. I do offer to fill requests on there every so often, especially the three sentence ones so if you're interested hop on over there and add me: Shawarma_Palace.

Here are the ones I've accomplished so far:
Carter and Elias: AU where Carter never had a kid, took a different path when she left the military. )

Elias/Finch - cigars. )

Reese/Fusco. Fusco puts on a pretty good show of defiance, but at the end of the day he will do literally anything Reese asks him to, no matter how painful, upsetting, disturbing, or humiliating. Run with that concept. )

Reese/Fusco. That song I just sent you. )

finch/ingram. AU where they both work in an airport and wear uniforms yup. )

write your goddamn werewolves, hmmm jack/elias. )

Fusco/Finch, the one time Fusco truly lost patience. )

Reese/Fusco. Zombie apocalypse. Go nuts. )

Ben/Richard, off the island. )

Now you got me started. Clint/Tony. Stripper AU )

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