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I am already deeply in love with this game, which makes sense because it contains everything I love in a very pretty, appealing package. The game focuses on detective work, is set in the 1940's, and focuses on clue finding and the like. It also expects you to pick up on facial clues and tells when interviewing suspects because the facial mapping and real time expressions are gorgeous and rendered with some kind of ridiculous 32 camera facial feature recognition system. It's impossible to describe it until you see it in action.

The premise is you play Cole, who is a WW1 hero who joins the police, and is quickly promoted to Detective - after barely a year on the beat.

Cut for theoretical spoilers, because I'm theorizing back here. )

In short, if you enjoy detectives, Noire, crime drama, and/or the 40's (they've authentically re-created a section of 1940's accurate L.A. for goodness sakes!), the game is worth playing for sure.

It is really like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Heavy Rain had a baby in the forties. And dressed it in a snazzy suit.

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