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I woke up this morning with this persistantly in my head. It's the sequel to Turkeys Drown in the Rain which I had thought to do, but never gave any serious thought or effort to before now. I suspect that completion on this will take some months, as I'm still working on 7/3.

"Which hotel?"

Hein made a soft noise. "A motel would be better."

"Hotels have better security, if you're thinking of staying hidden-"

"I don't have very much money," He admitted, shifting his chin upward, trying to keep his posture absolutely straight. He looked straight ahead.

"Your family was-"

"My family, but not me." He looked out the window at last, his posture sliding to something far less imperious as he admitted, "Bribes, payoffs. Personal excess."

Her mouth said it before she could stop it. "You can stay with us."

He glanced sharply in her direction, then hesitated, clearly considering the monetary benefits. Then he shook his head, as if to dispell both his thoughts and refuse the offer. "I can't. I couldn't ask you to do that."
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This is the story I christened my journal with a passage from, some long months in the working and reworking. I'm still not sastisfied with it. Originally, I wanted to do a Hein/Aki romance that was good and didn't break either character in some horribly sinful way. Unfortunately, the hatred is so complete and mutual that it is practically impossible to fit them together for anything like the relationship I think they could have were they not bitter enemies on the opposite sides of a moral crusade. There are lines in this that I love, and lines in this that I will always hate. Also, I finally have a text editor with a spellchecker. There was much rejoicing. Anyway, be gentle with this one, folks.

Fandom:Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Theme: Repentance
Rating: PG

Turkeys Drown in the Rain. )
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Well, I'd have liked to start this journal off with a real fic, but here instead is a snipet of what I'm working on. A piece from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which eventually may be Hein/Aki or just hints thereof.

He hadn't strode from the wreckage of Zeus... )

Other things I have jouncing around - Harry Potter stuff, maybe. I've considered doing some fics for Batman Begins, or Metal Gear Solid 3, or any number of other fandoms. The problem being, the idea has to practically come up and bite me in the face for me to accomplish it.

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