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Hokay, so.

I'm going to be on a plane, like, the day after tomorrow and I'm probably going to do a little writing while I fly/smooze around the airport/want to get away from the crapton of relatives I am going to be in the presence of every so often.

Leave me some prompts? Please? Avengers, Person of Interest, Due South, Supernatural (no wincest), whatever?

I want to do a few 200-500 word pieces just to keep my hand in, and I don't think the environment will be super conducive to working on something longform like Nassau.

so I want prompts people. hit me.
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I hardly ever use this thing for anything but author-work, but today I encountered a metaphor for life that I figured I would talk about a little. Feel free to skip.

Being the standard american mix of races, I have eaten a lot of pasta in my life. I rarely if ever have time to make my own sauce, and so for the longest time I used jarred sauce. My favourite, if anyone else remembers this, was Five Brothers. That was some of the best pasta sauce I've ever had. Several years ago - probably longer than that but I only felt the lack in about 2005 - Five Brothers disappeared off the shelves.

I felt the loss keenly and I have been making my own substandard pasta sauce since then, stubbornly refusing to switch over to another brand because I had a loyalty to Five Brothers.

This week, I just did not have time to make pasta sauce. So I bought some Bertolli, because the commercial jingles catch in my head. (They are sung to the tune of Opera, I can't help it.) To my surprise, it was quite acceptable, and eerily familiar.

It turns out that in 2002, Five Brothers changed their name to Bertolli. I've had the internet at my disposal all that time and I never thought to look up what had happened to my favourite brand of pasta sauce.

I suppose the moral of this story is that sometimes the answers are there if you look for them.

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