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Gathering the two fills I've done thusfar together on here; why? Because that way I don't have to keep a bunch of threads bookmarked. There may be more along the same line. This is probably the only place where they'll have correct italicizing. Why? I'm too lazy to html-edit at AO3. Titled using horse driving terms, because both of these pieces are kind of about burdens.

Title: In Harness
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Pairing: Sebastian/Fenris
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 737 (! I... wrote something short!)
Summary: For the prompt: Sebastian/Fenris Intercrural sex, Cuz it's not sex if it doesn't go inside... probably. Special attention to Fenris' lyrium tattoos, especially the ones on his thighs. Only instead it kind of turned more into a character exploration of Sebastian; sex included.

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Title: Two In Hand
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Pairing: Fenris/Sebastian
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,839 (Less short.)
Summary: For the prompt: I'm a sad puppy, and I want Sebastian to be a sad puppy too. I would kill/die/bake cookies for some Fenris comforting Sebastian (with his penis) after the... incident with the Chantry. If anon really wants to push all my hot buttons, there would be desperate Sebastian riding Fenris. This is my OTP and there is so little Gaybastian. Again I managed to Sebastian all over everything.

He hasn't felt this pain in years. )

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