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Okay I have about a billion shortforms that I've done too, but I'm going to go ahead and hold those for a rainy day.  Two new fics, and an update, but first:

PODFIC OF SCIENTISTS. I cannot contain my high-pitched noises of appreciation. Seriously I want to crawl under my desk with my headphones on and just make pleased noises. 

Seriously if you enjoyed 'How many Scientists Does it Take to Screw in Stark Tower', go ahead over to Liannabob's entry and revisit with it. She reads it fantastically, and I know I got a little knee-wibbly in various parts throughout. I won't spoil it, but if you haven't read it, and you like Avengers, especially of the Bruce/Tony or Pepper/Bruce/Tony variety, go on and check it out. And let her know how awesome she is because seriously it's hard work making podfics! 

Onto what I have accomplished: 

Title:  I <3 New York
Fandom: erson of Interest
Pairing: en, Reese-centric
Rating T for swearing
Word Count: ,148
Status: omplete
Summary eese rides the subway with his eyes cast downward, toward the ground, rocking and swaying automatically with every tricky lurch and bump. He knows every one by now, like old friends. He knows the subway because it's the only friend he has, it's always moving, always rushing in the underground like the arterial blood of the city only it's somehow more vital than that.

(Here @ AO3)

Title:  This Weary Ritual
Fandom: nception
Pairing: avid Serkey/Constantine Fitzweiss
Rating T for swearing
Word Count: ,149
Status: omplete
Author's Note Set in the Four of Clubs universe, though it's a short aside
Summary:So Constantine thought that he couldn't hate this week any more. Thanksgiving had been a slog, it always was. He had eaten his Ma's food - which was good at least, far and away better than TV dinners - and he had listened to his Ma's prattle. She knew - she always did - that the women she asked about were years in the past now. She seemed utterly unable to accept that at thirty five years old it was possible that Constantine could look after his own romantic life without advice.

(Here @ AO3.)

And lastly an update to Sine Labore Nihil:

Title: Sine Labore Nihil, Chapter 8
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing Jack (Scarface/ Anthony Marconi) /Reese
Rating: C-17
Word Count: , 301 (chapter) / 14,136 (total)
Status: In Progress
Summary: The information flows more slowly and gets more indecipherable as it becomes harder to find save channels. Jack gets more and more frustrated with this game of penitentiary telephone, forced to take his own initiative more and more often. He wonders if it was ever any easier to get information to and from maximum security prison. Not for someone like Elias. They don't give his boss a television in his cell, even. Jack knows this because he ran an ad on the local public television channel for two weeks in code so simple a child could figure it out, his own decision, and not even a rebuke had come his way. He's flying solo, operating under a bond of trust only.

(HERE @ AO3)
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